Hotel in Odessa

65016, Odessa, Hrustalniy lane, 4
(12th station of Bolshoy Fontan)
tel.: +38 (048) 748-06-60
+38 (048) 784-24-34

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Excursions in Odessa

Bored lying on the beach and splashing in the waves? – Go to a sight seeing tour and enjoy the new impressions about Odessa!

  • City tour "Black Sea pearl" and walking tour of "Old Odessa"
  • Tour of Odessa Palaces
  • Theatres of Odessa
  • Literal Odessa
  • Criminal Odessa
  • Temples of Odessa
  • "Ah, Odessa! .." - Odessa musical
  • Odessa Catacombs
  • Odessa Port - yesterday, today and tomorrow!
  • The Black Sea Cossacks in Odessa
  • Odessa is a city of Love!
  • Palaces of Odessa
  • History of medicine. Odessa Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Jewish Odessa
  • Boat trip along the coast on a yacht
  • Excursion to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy
  • Wine tour
... and all that is just a little list of what is worth seeing in this wonderful city!