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Hotel in Odessa

65016, Odessa, Hrustalniy lane, 4
(12th station of Bolshoy Fontan)
tel.: +38 (048) 748-06-60
+38 (048) 784-24-34
+38 (068) 514-15-15

Welcome to our site!

If you decide to spend your holiday or vacation on the Black Sea, we’ll be glad to offer you an unforgettable holiday in our beautiful city! Rest in Odessa - is the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the southern capital, walk through the old cobbled streets, visit one of the best opera houses of Europe, enjoy the colors of the gardens and courtyards of this famous city. Odessa was founded in 1794 by nominal decree of Catherine II at the newly acquired western territory of Russia Empire - New Russia - when the Russian Empress was agreed that the country needs a Black Sea port to enhance communication and trade with Europe. Due to its geographical location, Odessa has rapidly evolved from a small settlement into commercial, industrial and scientific center of European significance. To the 100th anniversary of its foundation (1894) Odessa ranked the 4th place in the Russia Empire in terms of population and level of economic development after St Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw. Incidentally, hotels and hotels in Odessa already appeared, because the city has attracted countless people who want to see it.

You’ll remember rest in Odessa for a long time, because it impresses with diverse and unusual variations. Hotel in Odessa, "Hrustalniy Dom" will become not only your residence during the stay in South Palmyra (also known as Odessa). We’ll truly become your home in Odessa. We offer rooms of various categories in which you can enjoy the coziness and comfort, relax, watch television or use the Internet. If you are a business person and want to hold a meeting on the territory of the "Hrustalniy Dom", please use our fireplace room, a setting which is conducive to conversation. Your meeting is not official? – You’re welcome to our sauna where you can discuss all while relaxing and enjoying.

We’ll make true all your ideas of comfort and quiet rest in Odessa. You get a unique opportunity to energize the sea and sun, relax and gather strength for further activity in "Hrustalniy Dom".

Odessa – is your rest which will be in members forever