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Hotel in Odessa

65016, Odessa, Hrustalniy lane, 4
(12th station of Bolshoy Fontan)
tel.: +38 (048) 748-06-60
+38 (048) 784-24-34
+38 (068) 514-15-15

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Spring in Odessa

In spring you can visit tours for all tastes. After excursions in Odessa you’ll have something special to tell your friends about when back home. You can visit the palaces of Odessa, its monasteries and churches, the museums, parks ... You can go to catacombs and move in different dimension, having experienced neither the incomparable sensation. You are welcome in the cabinet of curiosities! Tired of the beach? - Feel like a pirate and go on a short trip on a yacht. And did you already heard of Odessa musical and literary? Experienced guides will show you absolutely all about everything and tell you to quote excerpts from the works created here. But did you already knew that Odessa is a city of love? No? Then you should visit the tour, dedicated to that theme and make a wish on the tree of love in the city park. All the wishes, yes really, come true!