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Hotel in Odessa

65016, Odessa, Hrustalniy lane, 4
(12th station of Bolshoy Fontan)
tel.: +38 (048) 748-06-60
+38 (048) 784-24-34
+38 (068) 514-15-15

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Winter in Odessa

Obviously enjoy and have pleasure in the winter, visiting the various representations in theaters in the city! Do not hesitate to admire the works of local painters, sculptors, woodcarvers and other artists on the numerous and interesting exhibitions. You can even acquire your own portrait in record time, because our artists simply work wonders! And also we recommend you to taste delicious glint wine in one of the cozy restaurants of Odessa. The multinational population of Odessa makes its cuisine diverse unusual and even exotic. However, we do not even talk about how delicious we prepare. Just try it yourself!