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Hotel in Odessa

65016, Odessa, Hrustalniy lane, 4
(12th station of Bolshoy Fontan)
tel.: +38 (048) 748-06-60
+38 (048) 784-24-34
+38 (068) 514-15-15

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Rest in Odessa

Who said that you should rest in Odessa only in summer? - The fall of Odessa will show you the beauty of emerald and gold parks and give a heady smell of sea breeze. In winter reveals you the doors of theaters and museums, and surprise with fascinating exhibitions. In spring it will fan the warm breeze, inviting you for plenty of varied excursions in Odessa. And after at least one summer spent in this city of light and joy, you'll just wonder how you lived without it before. Cause your Odessa has incomparable nature and color. And having visited here once, you will come back again, even if you do not throw before leaving the coin in the waves of the Black Sea on a beach in Arcadia.

Well, you waiting for summer, the city's numerous beaches with clean sand, gentle sunshine and warm sea. Have you already heard about the beaches in Arcadia? - You achieved a bronze tan, great mood, a burst of energy and charge of optimism for the whole year! Odessa is a city that you wish to come back again and again. This is a city where dreams have the wings, the most secret desires come true, and the world again, as in childhood, seems extraordinarily beautiful and fantastic. Treat yourself to a fairy tale, the cries of seagulls, a light veil of history, genuine laughter and incomparable feeling of happiness! Rest in Odessa - is the time when really happy about every passing day, hour and minute! Welcome to the city of sun, sea and love!!